Parvula requires you to have:

  • PHP 5.5+
  • Apache (module mod_rewrite is recommended)
  • mbstring (multibyte string support)
  • Composer

Note: Apache is the only web server officially supported but you can read Slim documentation for more options.

Installing Parvula

You can simply run the following command. It will download the last version of Parvula and install its dependencies.

composer create-project bafs/parvula cms

Replace cms with the folder name you would like to install it in.


Parvula is a flat files CMS thus you only need to copy the files and then install the dependencies with composer.

  1. Simply download the source from github and extract it to your preferred location
  2. Open a terminal, go to the freshly created folder and install the dependencies through composer install


This step is required if you want to allow third party plugins or the API functionality to write data. If you plan to only edit and upload files by hand, this step is optional.

The two main folders (data and static) and all the children should be writable. (check the structure of Parvula for the detailed hierarchy)

chmod -r 755 data
chmod -r 755 static