since 0.7.0


Scripting is possible since Parvula 0.7.0. Scripts are located in ./Parvula/bin/.

Scripts can be useful to debug or to seed a database.

To run a script the syntax is (in your parvula root folder): php index.php <script name> [args...]

Available scripts


Allow you to install remote themes or plugins from the web.

Usage: php index.php install <plugin or theme> <URL or Path (*.zip)>

Example: php index.php install plugin


Doctor is a script to check your configuration and create a basic report to see if everything is all right.

Run php index.php doctor to get the report.


A basic script to create query to Parvula without the web interface.

query [method] <path>

Example: php index.php query GET /api/0/pages/home

Add an easy way to run scripts

We will create an alias for php index.php. So we will be able to use ./parv.

You can create a new file in your root directory (eg. parv) and add

#!/usr/bin/env php
<?php require 'index.php';

If your are on Linux or OS X, make it executable chmod +x parv

You can now run scripts with parv like this: ./parv install theme

Create your own script

Simple create a new php file in ./Parvula/bin/ and it will be accessible with php index <name of your script> [args...].

You can use $argv (array) to get the arguments.