since 0.6.0

Create a blog

You can easily create a blog with Parvula. Some themes already provide a blog layout but let’s try to make our own layout.

Use the right hierarchy

Before creating a layout, we will create some posts. We do not want our posts to appear in the menu thus we can create a folder beginin with _. In the example it will be _posts.

The parent page of those posts need to be named as the folder, Because the filename begin with _ it will be hidden, to see this page in the menu we force the visibility with hidden: false.

We can then create some pages inside our folder. The structure in data/pages should be like that:

├── _posts
│   ├──
│   └──

Create our blog layout

Add a file in your layout folder (for more info about layout) for example blog.html.

We can list our children pages (our posts in fact).

$children = $page->getChildren();

// Check if there is children
if ($children):
	// Order children by date
	usort($children, function (Page $p1, Page $p2) {
		return $p1->getDateTime() < $p2->getDateTime();
	foreach ($children as $child): ?>
		<h4 class="post-title"><?= $child->title ?> (<?= $this->e($child, 'pageDateFormat') ?>)</h4>
		<a href="<?= $baseUrl . $child->slug ?>">Read more</a>
	<?php endforeach; ?>
<?php else: ?>
	<em>No post for the moment...</em>
<?php endif; ?>

Voilà, use this new layout with layout: blog in and you have your mini blog ready !